Source: Dating an Australian in London

28th December 2013
It feels so good to be on the move again. I could never resist the temptation of spontaneously jumping on a plane and going to my next destination. Travelling always adds extra fuel to my system, Maybe that’s why I have always been so full of energy, positivity and had plenty of people around. Stockholm is my next destination, even though my first choice was Paris. My friends are already there – shopping, I suppose. We have been invited to the New Years party by my Swedish friends. Their flat is too small for our group, so for the first time in my life I am staying in a hostel. I am excited – new people, new adventure, new experience and on top of that for once my best friends are joining me too. What else can you wish for?….
31st December
I talk a lot, I mean… more than an average person. I always find a subject to talk about – weather to start with, economics, fashion, travel, history, religion… you name it.
I don’t remember who started talking first but I am sure that basketball was the first subject of our conversation. Oh, you should hear his voice – the voice with a ‘wow’ factor – so deep, warm and magnetising.
Anyway, I didn’t know much about basketball, however knowing few names of best American players and their teams helped a lot and created a perfect ground to explore the subject even more. He loved basketball and he talked about it with passion. His giant posture and hands indicated that he was a basketball player but I didn’t have time to ask, as it was time to head to the party. We decided to meet up the next day.
Was I thinking of him during the night? – Not really. The party was amazing.
1st January
We are going ice skating. The last time I was wearing skates was when I was ten, so now I can’t really picture myself gracefully keeping balance on ice, let alone pirouetting. Besides I don’t really feel comfortable wearing skates which might have been worn by hundreds of people. I decided to take pictures instead. As cruel as it may seem, it is more fun watching my friends falling down or colliding with one another.
It has been his first time on ice. He was moving slowly but progressively. At the end of the session he mastered the penguin fall to perfection. I had fun. My friends loved it. He looked happy too.
2nd January
My friends are going back to London and I am staying in Stockholm for one more night. He moved to a different hostel in the morning, but we exchanged numbers, just in case one of us came up with a perfect plan for a day.
It was a cold and grey day, but that didn’t put me off. Stockholm is a beautiful city and the list of things to do there could be made endless., I had explored the city for most of the day accompanied by my new Japanese friends. It really felt like walking through the illustrated pages of a Nordic fairytale book. We ended a day together with a plate of delicious Swedish meatballs.
The evening time was slowly approaching but I did not want to go to bed early. There was a pub crawl organised by the hostel I stayed in. I am not a drinker but that seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore the city by night and at the same time to chat with people. This was the moment when I’ve thought of him for the first time. He might like the idea of going out – I thought while texting him. His plan, however was to go to the Copperfields English pub for a comedy night. It didn’t take him long to convince me. I loved comedy and I liked his personality, so it was an easy decision to stick to his plan.
I provided my friends with the location of the pub and his telephone number. I met him at 8pm sharp.
To be continued….


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